16 Funny “Who Wore It Better” Questions Pictures That Are Too Good

There is so much wildness in the planet. The sheer amount of ways anything could go wrong will astound you. It is impossible to anticipate that everything will go as planned. It always surprises and unsettles me when this coincident effect occurs. Its humorous sense comes from the fact that it makes us laugh so much that we become fixated on it for a while.

#1 Unquestionably The High Point Of The Year
#2 It’s unbelievable that she took that wash brush.
#3 The girl, Homer, is, in my opinion, trying way too hard.
#4 This One Was Clearly Won by the Baby
#5 I don’t understand; this is just a picture of a carpet.
#6 There Is No One In This Universe More Hot Than That Burrito
#7 The Corn’s Hair Is Real, at Least
#8 E.T. or Lil Wayne?
#9 Their similarities make it difficult to distinguish between them.
#10 Though It’s A Skinnier Patio Heater
#11 I don’t understand; this is just a picture of three shopping bags.
#12 This Is Her Proper Place.
#13 They both make me cry.
#14 When Everyone in the Squad Is Dressed the Same
#15 How Dare You Liken That Thing To This Hot Panini?
#16 More Nicki Minaj or He-man?

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