Are you a wordle lover? Then you would definitely try these best wordle gift ideas so that you can surprise your friends, family members, or any wordle game lover. So without wasting time, let’s get started.

Best Wordle Gift Ideas And Tutorials 

Best Worldly Gift Ideas

A T-Shirt With Wordle Score Printed On It

This is one of the best gifts for a wordle game lover. We mostly wear t-shirts wherever we go, so a t-shirt with a wordle score printed on it will make everyone look at you and know you are a pro wordle player.

How To Make

First, take a screenshot of your wordle score and crop it according to your needs.

Then convert the image into png format using any free software ( you can find plenty of software on google, so I’m not going to cover that in this topic )

Now let’s get into the designing part. You can use a free application like canva to do this work. Simply go to google and search canva and click on the first result. Find a t-shirt template in the templates section, and you are good to go to the next steps.

Import your converted wordle score image that’s in png format to canva.

Choose a colour that you like. I recommend sticking with the original wordle colour.

Choose a font you like ( Graduate is a great font for T-shirt design )

Make a mockup of your design. So that you know the proper spacing and scaling

Give that design to any t-shirt print shop to print your own wordle design.

Diy Photo Collage Canvas

A photo collage canvas is an excellent method to keep track of the highlights of your Wordle moments! Make two of them: one for yourself and one to gift to a friend. It’s a beautiful gift that’s very easy to prepare. The photos can also be printed immediately from your phone or iPad. I’ll teach you how to do it!

How To Make

My printer/copier/scanner is an HP Deskjet 3632 All-in-One. I can quickly print my wordle scores immediately from my phone or iPad because it is wifi.

My camera roll or the All-in-One app on my phone allows me to access the printer. Because the smallest size it would print is 35 inches, and 810 collage is a simple method to obtain a lot of smaller prints on one page.

Finding the photos I wanted to use was a lot of fun. I made sure to print out a huge number of them so that I would have plenty of options when deciding where to put them on my canvas.

Because my canvas measured 12×12, I used a piece of strong card paper to cut out a 10′′ heart. This was to be my home base.

Now for the exciting part: it’s a puzzle! I packed as many images as I could into that heart and didn’t worry about the extra on the edges because I planned to clip it off afterward.

Attach the images on the heart base with care. I used rubber cement because it applies nicely and is picture safe, but you can use any photo sticky glue or tape.

Make sure you get all of the edges and corners so your collage can rest flat. You can use rubber cement or spray glue to adhere your heart to the canvas. Because it was quicker, I went with spray adhesive.

I flipped my collage over and trimmed it to match the cardstock heart underneath in size and form. Then I used spray glue to adhere it to the canvas.

With a metallic marker, I added the date, and my lovely college was ready to hang!

3d Print Your Wordle Score

3d Print Your Wordle Score

You’ll need to find a 3D printer if you want to take your Wordle bragging to the next level. That’s because Wordle fans can now print a real-life Wordle tile by downloading a free model.

A user of Prusa Printers, a 3D model repository, has designed a Wordle scoreboard that can be printed.

How To Make

‘How many tiles you get depends on how well you play the game. ‘I recommend starting with 15 of each colour: black, green, white, and yellow (for a total of 60 colours),’ according to kriswillcode’s description.

‘The board can be difficult to print, so make sure you have good bed adhesion and take your time with the first layer,’ they warned.

kriswillcode utilised matte PLA for the board, carbon fiber PLA for the back, and standard PLA for the tiled in the example print. The tiles are said to stand out due to their various surface textures.

PLA, or polylactic acid, is one of the most extensively used materials in desktop 3D printing. It’s the go-to filament since it can be produced at low temperatures and doesn’t require a heated bed.

The developer did not make the code public yet, so you have to wait some time to try this idea.

Diy Craft Project: Sharpie Mug

Have you seen all of the beautiful DIY mugs that are circulating the internet? Handmade mugs with gorgeous artistic designs, inspirational quotes, and hilarious jokes are available.

I adore the personalised look and have been dying to show you how to make a Sharpie cup. You can use it to paint your wordle score or any quotes about wordle.

How to make


Things needed

  • A Mug
  • Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Pens

Make sure the mug is ready.

After removing all labels, each cup should be washed and dried. To remove any fingerprints or oils, wipe the surface to be painted with rubbing alcohol or vodka. Allow to dry naturally.

Make a painting on the mug.

Paint the wordle score design or any relevant quotes with an oil-based Sharpie paint pen.

Allow 10 minutes for the paint to dry.

Finally, freehand write a message using an oil-based Sharpie paint pen with a fine point.

“I love you,” says one cup

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