Are you searching for the correct word to start your wordle game? Then you are at the right place. We will cover what are the best words to start in this article, so why are you waiting? Keep reading.

If you’re anything like us at Worldgamehit, you’ve probably grown addicted to the word-guessing game Wordle. Despite the game’s simple premise, the six-guesses-or-you’re-out rule necessitates selecting a strong first word, thus we compiled a list of the finest first words for the game.

It’s no wonder that the puzzle game has exploded in popularity recently. It’s a fun way to engage and test your brain for a few minutes each day while also competing to be the brightest person in your buddy group.

Best Wordle Starting Word

If you haven’t tried Wordle yet, we highly suggest you do so because it’s a lot of fun. If you’ve already started playing and are looking for a good five-letter word to start with, we have plenty of options for both words and new strategies.

Best Wordle Starting Word List

If you’d rather start your day with a list of the best first words for Wordle, we recommend doing so. Check out some of our Wordle-obsessed editors’ more specific techniques below if you’d rather hear it straight from them.

Finding vowels or common consonants that belong in each day’s word is frequently the key. We’ve identified the following words as some of the greatest opening words for Wordle based on that starting point:





















Best Wordle Starting Word: From Experts

I was all over the place when I first started playing Wordle. I’d try letters I knew weren’t there over and over, and it took me a week to remember that letters could be repeated (seriously, Wordle Needs some kind of indicator for repeated letters). After three weeks as a seasoned gamer, I’ve finally figured out my method. I begin with ARISE, a strong word with three vowels and two frequent consonants omitted. I try to place vowels as fast as possible because my brain finds it easier to build around those foundations than consonants. I’m not sure why, but since implementing that method, I’ve been able to predict the word in three or four attempts and haven’t missed a single one. ‘Lucy James’

My approach to Wordle, and many of life’s major issues, began with a group of persons from whom I have frequently sought help and support, and whom I regard to be enlightened thinkers unsurpassed by any other scholars. They gave me exactly what I was seeking for, as expected: a flexible starting word that has so far produced outstanding results. Naturally, I’m referring to the iconic Staten Island hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan, and the word I usually start with is C.R.E.A.M. “Cash dominates everything around me, C.R.E.A.M. get the money, dollar dollar bill y’all,” says track eight on entering the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), as we all know. This proverb has stood the test of time, but in the context of Wordle, CREAM also gets the job done. (Tamoor Hussain)

With Wordle, I use a two-pronged approach: Focus on the vowels first, then move on to the most popular consonants. I’ll start with a word with a lot of vowels, like ADIEU, because it usually identifies at least one letter (two if I’m lucky). On the second line, I’ll try to find a word that incorporates consonants like T, S, and R, and if I’m feeling really clever, I’ll try to fit in the vowel O somewhere as well. Although it has led me astray occasionally, this technique normally leads me to a solution by line 4 (85% of my wins in the last two weeks have been at line 4). (damn you TIGER). — Ramsay, Randy

My recommendation is opposite to common belief: don’t worry too much about it. I’m eager to guess the word of the day in as few tries as possible, but I’m careful not to make Wordle a pain by attempting to min/max my way to that objective. While I try to think of words with vowels and common letters (I avoid the letters X, Z, and Q), I try a new word every day and go with the flow. I was first disappointed because Wordle Doesn’t allow you to replay previous puzzles, but I’ve grown to appreciate its one-per-day-and-that’s-it framework. With the exception of some overly aggressive tweeting from fellow participants, it’s remained a relaxing experience by not taking it too seriously or stressing about choosing the exact word right away. — Chris Pereira

Best Wordle Starting Word Mathematically

Okay, if you don’t want to waste your time every day guessing and experimenting with alternative ways, we can (possibly) help you save time and stress by simply providing you the mathematically perfect first guess. Tyler Glaiel, a clever cookie, actually sat down and crunched the numbers.

He discovered both of Wordle’s genuine word lists by digging through the game’s source code. There are 2,315 words in the “possible solutions” list, but the game will take 12,972 guess words.

Glaiel, a programmer and game designer by profession, ended up constructing a bot to help him sort through the list and evaluate the worth of a word’s feasible answer.

He discovered that the first round worked well, giving a solution in just 3.69017 guesses. Then he tweaked the code such that the bot could figure out the answer in an average of 3.49417 guesses and a worst-case scenario of five.

Glaiel determined that “roate” is the best first guess after more testing. You’re probably thinking it isn’t a real word, but it is, and it’s defined as “the cumulative net earnings after taxes available to common shareholders, adjusted for tax-affected amortization of intangibles, for the calendar quarters in each calendar year in

“If the metric you’re measuring is ‘the size of the probable solution list after a guess,” adds Glaiel, “roate is the best first guess.” Keep in mind, however, that this word appears only in the guesses list, not the answers list.

It’s the most likely technique to get you close to a solution, but it’ll never be accurate. To win, you’ll still need to make at least one more guess after roate, but you’ll be in the best position to do it. “Raise” is the finest option if you want the best word that could also be the right answer. It’s on the solution list, and it’s mathematically almost as excellent as roate

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