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For millions of people around the world, guessing the correct five-letter word on Wordle has become a daily routine. The purpose of Wordle is to guess the proper five-letter word in the fewest number of guesses possible. Each day, a new word is introduced, and participants are given a maximum of six guesses to figure it out.

Before getting into what’s a good wordle score part, let’s understand how to read the wordle score correctly.What Is A Good Wordle Score average wordle score how does wordle score wordle average score calculator wordle guess distribution explained


What Do The Numbers On Wordle Mean?

The first is the Wordle number, and the second is the total number of attempts you made to accurately guess the word. If you look at it casually, the first number appears to be the number of seconds it took you to guess the word, and the second number appears to be the number of tries.

What Is The Average Score On Wordle?

On average, Canadians require 3.90 guesses to acquire the correct answer, whereas Americans require 3.92 guesses. That’s still higher than the global average of 3.919, but it’s a long way off from the World Champion, Sweden, with a 3.72 average.

Word Tips, a website that helps users improve at word games like puted these typical scores.

To create the scores, Word Tips used almost 140,000 publicly released Wordle scores on Twitter, as well as location data for the users. The analysis includes only nations and cities with at least 25 tweets.

Who Has The Highest Score On Wordle?

According to a survey conducted by the word site Word Tips, Sweden is the most efficient country when it comes to guessing Wordle, with the average Swede guessing the correct word in just 3.72 attempts.

Switzerland finished second with an average of 3.78 trials to get the right answer, while Poland finished third with 3.79.

Belgium and Australia tied for fourth place with a score of 3.80, Finland was sixth with a score of 3.81, and Denmark, Brazil, and South Africa tied for seventh place with a score of 3.83.

With a score of 3.89, the UK was ranked 14th out of 49 countries assessed, alongside Uruguay and China.

With average scores of 3.91 and 3.92, Canada & the US were ranked 17th and 18th, respectively.

Bangladesh, Kenya, and Egypt were at the bottom of the ranking, with 4.24, 4.38, and 4.42 points, respectively.

Is Wordle A Measure Of Intelligence?

“Language puzzles would tap into one’s crystallized intellect,” says Daniel Little, associate professor of psychology at the University of Melbourne.

“How effectively you can recognize patterns could indicate one’s fluid intelligence.” “Various puzzles necessitate different approaches. Fluid intelligence is linked to your ability to devise a successful strategy.”

So, the next time an arrogant coworker or roommate comes over all Einstein-like because they nailed that day’s Wordle, tell them to pull their head, with its average-sized brain, in. “People who are good at Wordle can feel tickled about their linguistic and problem-solving skills,” says Loren Mowszowski, “but I don’t think they can lay claim to being smarter in the traditional sense.”

Which Cities In The United States Are The Best At Wordle?

According to a survey conducted by WordTips, the following cities had the highest Wordle scores: Reading, Pa. (3.56), Ann Arbor, Mich. (3.59), Berkeley, Calif. (3.61), Malden and Tulsa, Okla. (3.62); Richmond (3.63); Portsmouth (3.64); Waukesha, Wis. (3.64); and Nashville, Tenn. (3.64). (3.66).

Other conclusions of the study include:

We’re not that great as a country of Wordle players. With an average of 3.92 predictions per game, the United States was placed 18th in the globe. Sweden takes first place, with an average of 3.72 correct guesses.

Canberra, Australia, has the best Wordle average outside of the United States: 3.58 guesses.

North Dakota is the state with the highest Wordle average (3.65).

Is It Possible To Falsify Wordle Scores?

The game’s “share” tool, it turns out, generates your results in text format rather than an image that can be influenced in some way. Easily. You may erase by simply placing your cursor in the small boxes. This is something I’m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed.

Yes, that’s a disappointing revelation, and I apologize for being the bearer of bad news. It’s what it is. But perhaps it is part of the game’s allure. It is not just reliant on ability and a little luck but also on the participants’ honesty. It appears to be a fairly accurate representation of real life.

However, the next time you think your social media friends are way wiser than you, consider whether they’re being completely honest.

How Can You Raise Your Wordle Score?

  1. On your first turn, don’t try to guess the word.
  2. Your first guess should include letters that are “popular.”
  3. For each Wordle game, use the same first word.
  4. Take Your Turns Slowly
  5. Don’t be averse to repeating a letter.
  6. Don’t Forget About the Lesser-Known Letters.
  7. Use the clues from previous puzzle words to help you solve the puzzle.
  8. Wordle uses US spellings, so keep that in mind!
  9. Other Word Games to Practice

Is It Possible To Compare My Wordle Score To That Of Others?

You’re out of luck if you’re seeking a leaderboard or other database to compare your Wordle score against. At the time, Wordle does not have an official leaderboard. That being said, you can compare your statistics and wins to those of your pals by comparing your scores case by case.

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