Didn’t you join the trend yet? What’s the trend, you might ask. I’m talking about the wordle trend. You might be wondering what is Wordle that everyone is talking about and where do I find it? We are going to cover that and some similar questions related to Wordle, so keep reading to find out.

What Is Wordle, And Where Do I Find It?

Where Do I Get The Wordle Game

Wordle is the latest online craze that is luring consumers to try out this new e-game. After its initial release, the five-letter word game became an instant hit. Users now anticipate the release of a new game each day, which is only available in web format and is not yet available in-app format.

Wordle is available at https://www.nytimes.com/games/wordle/index.htmland can be accessed via a desktop or mobile browser. This puzzle will only allow players six attempts to complete it. Every day, only one Wordle occurs.

Do You Have To Download Wordle To Play?

No, you don’t have to download Wordle. It is a web-based game. All you have to do is go to the link provided above and start playing, but if you want to use Wordle as an app, there are some tricks.

How To Download Wordle As An App


Desktop [ Chrome Browser ]

Wordle can be downloaded for offline play with just a few clicks, and it operates in the same way that any other website can be downloaded for offline viewing. We’ll show you how it works in the following paragraphs:

Go to the Wordle website to get started.

Save as by right-clicking anywhere on the page.

Make sure Save as type is selected to Webpage. Complete when prompted with the Save screen.

Make it easy to remember the place (like your desktop)

Simply discover the webpage shortcut and open it whenever you wish to play.

This will open a new browser window with the website you saved.

Desktop [ Other Browsers ]

In most cases, the procedure will be the same across a variety of popular browsers. The procedure is the same whether you’re using Firefox or Edge. Simply right-click the file, select save as, and make sure the file is saved as Webpage, Complete.

If you’re using Safari, the process may seem a little more complicated, but you can learn how to save websites for offline viewing from Apple.

Mobile [ Ios ]

Go to https://www.nytimes.com/games/wordle/index.html (formerly https://www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle/) on your iPhone or iPad.

The Share button, which is a rectangle with an arrow pointing upward, should be tapped.

Look for Add to Home Screen on the Share screen and press it.

If you like, you can rename Wordle on the next screen. You can also double-check the URL (https://www.nytimes.com/games/wordle/index.html) to be sure it’s correct.

The Wordle icon can be seen on your Home Screen after you touch Add.

When you’re ready to play (or when you have the time, because each day only has one Wordle game), simply hit the green “W” icon on your Home Screen to start the game. Best of luck!

Mobile [ Android ]

You can download a webpage to your Android smartphone or tablet in the same way you can on a desktop computer. Although the download procedure varies per web browser, we’ll use Chrome in this example because it comes pre-installed on most Android devices. To get Wordle on Android, go to this link.

1. Open the Chrome app and browse to the official Wordle website.


2. In the top-right corner, press the three-dot menu.


3. Finally, to download the Wordle webpage, click the download button (arrow pointing down at a line).

A message will appear at the bottom of Chrome, indicating that the Wordle webpage has been downloaded to your Android. To play Wordle offline on Chrome, go to the three-dot menu and select Downloads. You should be able to access the Wordle webpage from there, even if it gets paywalled or shut down in the future.

Does It Cost Me To Play Wordle?

No. Not yet, at least. “The game will still be free,” read a tweet from the NYTimes Wordplay account.

The New York Times, in its announcement of the acquisition, stated that the game “would initially remain free to new and existing players.”

According to Paul Tassi, Forbes’ senior contributor for games, this could indicate a probable “expiration date” for the game’s free-to-play status.

Will Wordle Still Keep Track Of My Results? Is The Game Now Different?

That is the strategy. However, when the game was switched to the nytimes.com website on Thursday, some players didn’t see their streaks or other information.

Strikes and stats “should be transferred over for” most players, according to Times spokesperson Jordan Cohen, but “we are seeing some reports of people continuing to experience issues, and we are researching and dealing with these users.”

One noticeable change in the game is the elimination of foul language, which makes sense given that The New York Times owns it.

The publication told Polygon, “Offensive language will always be eliminated from consideration.” “We are still in the process of eliminating certain words from the gameplay because we have just begun Wordle’s move to The Times website.”

Is Wordle Becoming More Challenging?

Wordle, the daily word game that went global when 2022 began, has gotten harder since it was purchased by The New York Times, leading some to believe that it has gotten harder because it was purchased by The New York Times. This is not true, according to The New York Times.

Are There Other Games Like Wordle?

There are numerous games that are comparable to Wordle. Some of them include Wheedle – Browser Game Similar to Wordle, Hello Wordl, Wordle Unlimited Unblocked, Word Master, Squirdle – Pokemon Wordle, Online Lingo, Wordguessr, Kitty Letter – Game Similar to Wordle on iOS and Android, SpellTower – Mobile Game (iOS, Android), Typeshift – Mobile Game (iOS, Android), Babble Royale – Multiplayer Word Game on PC (Steam), SpellTower. There are plenty others.

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