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A Quick Recap For Newcomers

How Do I Get Support For Wordle, wordle game support group


What Exactly Is Wordle, And How Do You Play It?

Wordle is an online brain teaser that resembles a crossword problem and a sudoku puzzle. The principle of Wordle will be instantly familiar to anyone who has played the game Mastermind, which uses colored pegs.

The primary purpose of this game is to guess the hidden word in six attempts utilizing a series of hints.

If any of your letters are highlighted in green, it implies you’ve placed the correct letter in the correct location.

If any of the letters are highlighted in yellow, it implies that they are present in the word but in the incorrect location.

Finally, if any of your letters are grayed out, that means that letter isn’t part of the secret word.

You must guess a word; you cannot enter arbitrary letters, such as vowels, in the hopes of breaking the code.

On the Power Language website, you can play Wordle. Because only one puzzle is provided each day, you’ll have to return to the website the next day to continue playing.

Wordle Community

Wordle community has grown huge recently due to its trend. Every social media has its own wordle groups. We will cover everything in this article.

Reddit Community

This is one of the fastest-growing wordle communities on the internet. Currently, it has 15.4k

Members, which is huge. It’s titled as ‘Wordle – A Daily Word Game.’ Every day people are posting their wordle questions and getting answers.

You can even check about what is today’s word in the pinned post section daily. More than 1000 wordle gamers will be online daily in this Reddit group. You can even find daily memes in this group.

To join this community, just follow this link and click join. That’s it. Now you are a part of the wordle Reddit community.

Twitter Community

How can we forget twitter which gave life to Wordle? Without Twitter, Wordle would not have reached this stage. There are thousands of posts every day shared by wordle gamers. They share their scores, memes, questions, and answers. You should definitely check Twitter if you are a wordle lover.

Unlike Reddit, you cannot access a group on Twitter. Twitter has a different method called hashtags.

You can simply click this link to access every wordle post shared on Twitter or simply type #WORDLE on your Twitter search bar. Type exactly without missing the hash symbol because it’s how a Twitter hashtag starts.

Some Twitter accounts to follow if you love Wordle.

Wordle Tips – You can get wordle tips every day by following this account. You can guess your first wordle word using the tips. Access this Twitter account by clicking here.

Wordle Stats – You can know the wordle statistics by following this account. For example, How many people are playing Wordle., How many are playing today, Did the number increase or decrease, How many people are playing Wordle in hard mode. Etc. He posts almost daily, so you cannot miss anything.

You can simply click this link to access wordle stats Twitter account or just type this username in the Twitter search bar ( @WordleStats )

Josh Wardle – How can you not know this Twitter account if you are a wordle lover? Yes, he is the founder of Wordle. Even if the new york times bought Wordle, He still shares Wordle-related tweets, so don’t forget to check his account.

You can simply click this link to access Josh Wardle Twitter account or just type this username in the Twitter search bar ( @powerlanguish )

Quora Community

If you want to find in-depth answers to your Wordle-related questions, then Quora is the best choice. You can post not only wordle-related questions but any questions that you like. Be specific about your question to get the right answers. Experts all over the world will answer your questions.

You can join the wordle quora space by clicking this link. This space has specific questions and answers related to quora.

Here are some top quora wordle questions. Click it to find the answers related to it.

What is the best word to start a wordle?

What is behind the sudden popularity of the online word game Wordle?

What’s a Wordle?

What’s the optimal strategy for Wordle?

How do you play the game “Wordle”?

Medium Community

Medium is a good source for gaining knowledge. Like other topics, Wordle is also a much-talked topic in medium. Simple go to and search Wordle, and you can find a ton of results.

Go to this link to find all the medium posts related to Wordle.

Here are some top medium wordle posts to read. Click the title to go to specific posts.

Wordle Panic!

Can Wordle save us all?

The mathematically optimal first guess in Wordle

Everything You Need to Know About Wordle, the

Word-Guessing Game That’s Sweeping the Nation

How To Keep Updated About Wordle

There are hundreds of news getting posted daily on the internet, so it will be a struggle to find only wordle related content. Here are the top sites to follow to keep updated about the game wordle.

1 – Your number 1 choice should be We are the only site that covers topics related to Wordle. If you go to our blogs, you can find that we focus only on Wordle, so your first choice should be us to get any news related to Wordle.

2New York Times. We all know that Wordle was bought by the new york times recently, so we can say that they are going to cover more about wordle from now on.






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