Playing the game is easy but knowing the correct rules and following it is hard. Worry no more because we are going to cover every wordle rules in this article therefore read below to find out.

Wordle Rules

Before getting into the real content, let’s revise some basics for newcomers. So what is this game wordle everyone is talking about?

Wordle is an online word game developed by software programmer Josh Wardle for his partner, and it has grown in popularity since its debut.

Millions of individuals (including myself) are now engaging in the fun, confusing our friends and relatives by posting multicolored squares on newsfeeds all over the internet. It’s also completely free to play — all you need is an internet connection!

Word games are an excellent technique to motivate language students (or to test your own English language skills!).

Perhaps your students are already having fun! Wordle is a game that can help you grow your vocabulary (particularly, five-letter words), and knowing a few secrets about the English language’s structure will help you take your strategy to the next level!

Wordle: How To Play

At, you may play Wordle for free on any device with a web browser, such as a smartphone, desktop computer, or tablet.

Wordle’s rules are pretty simple, despite the fact that the game is more annoying and tough than it appears at first.

At the ‘Wordle’ of the day, guesses must be five letters long, and only six attempts are allowed.

To submit, press the enter key once you’ve input your first five-letter word.

Each letter on each tile will then change color to grey, yellow, or green.

If a tile turns yellow, it implies that its letter is in the mystery word of the day, and if it turns green, it means that the letter is in the final word and in the correct spot.

The letters on greyed-out tiles are not included in the wordle, therefore you’ll have to figure out what the wordle is depending on which letters in your last effort were entirely correct (green) or almost right (yellow) (yellow).

When attempting to predict each daily word on Wordle, British players, as well as those who prefer British rather than American spellings of some terms, should be aware of the minor variances that can arise between US and British English spellings.

And once you’ve used Wordle for the day, you won’t be able to use it again.

Unlike most games we’re used to playing nowadays, which can become extremely addictive and endless in their quest of victory or completion, Wordle can only be played once per day, with users needing to wait until the next day to try and predict the new word of the day in fewer attempts.

Wordle Rules: Can Letters Repeat?

Yes, the daily challenge words may contain repeated letters. Wordle words have only two unbreakable rules:

1) they must have only five letters, and

2) they must be real words.

You cannot expect the game to accept a made-up word such as “blout.”

However, in the Wordle challenge universe, words with the same letter repeated twice are not uncommon. Indeed, repeated letters are common in the Wordle universe, as seen by players’ social media posts about clearing terms like “Abbey” and “Banal.”

Is It Possible For Wordle To Use The Same Letter Twice?

Words with repeated letters can have any pattern and combination. The word “bookkeeper,” for example, comprises three letters that repeat in pairs three times.

Other combinations include the non-consecutive repeat of “t” and “a” in “tantalizing,” as well as the alternating repetition of “e,” I and “t” in “repetition.”

However, in the Wordle universe, words are limited to 5 characters. As a result, the repeated letters appear either sequentially, as in the letter “b” in the word “Abbey,” or non-consecutively, as in the letter “a” in the phrase “Banal.”

In fact, the newest Wordle challenge is another word with a letter repeated non-consecutively (I won’t say what it is because spoilers are bad, right?)

Repeating letters is a smart approach to make progressing moves for gamers looking for a strategy (repeated letters are not the best first moves, though.)

The repeated letter combinations in five-letter words are usually double letters, such as “ss” (for floss, glass), “nn” (for funny, sunny), “ll” (for fills, kills), “pp” (for happy, soppy), “ff” (for bluff, staff), “bb” (for abbot, hobby), “o” (for blood, bloom), “d” (for adding, buddy”), and so on.

Which Wordle Words Should You Try First?

When it comes to Wordle, the most difficult part is usually picking which five-letter word to tackle first.

If your seed word does not contain any of the letters in each day’s Wordle, it can either set you on the path to victory or send you into a downward spiral.

This is why experts like Susie Dent of Countdown recommend choosing five-letter words with a lot of vowels.

Words containing a lot of vowels, like ‘home,’ ‘ouija,’ ‘ourie,’ ‘adieu,’ and ‘alien,’ can help you narrow down your options with your initial Wordle effort.

Here’s a list of five-letter words with a lot of vowels to get you started:

Another option is to think about double letters in the midst, such as “fully,” “paddy,” or at the end, such as “three,” “dress,” “still,” and so on. Of course, the alternate or non-consecutive repetitions of a,e,i,o,u are not to be overlooked (eg: abate, eager, filip, ovoid, augur, etc.)

– Adieu

– Alien

– Angle

– Audio

– Bears

– Braid

– Games

– Graze

– Heart

– House

– Irate

– Leant

– Miaou

– Ouija

– Ourie

– Peace

– Piers

– Quote

– Raise

– Ready

– Roast

– Spade

– Spoil

– Stain

– Stare

– Taser

– Trial

– Water

– Vapes

– Vapor

How many times can Wordle be played?

Wordle, the latest online game, has gone global, and now there’s a new website called Wordle Archive that allows gamers to play multiple games every day.

The Wordle Archive website has found a way around the fact that fresh Wordle games are only available once every day.

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