Are you obsessed with Wordle and tired of losing again and again? Don’t worry. We have brought you some wordle tips and tricks to win the wordle game as well as you can score higher than your friends.

Wordle has taken over Twitter, with the green and yellow boxes clogging up most people’s timelines. Due to its social character, this game that evaluates your vocabulary is very simple, tough, and hard.

We’ve already posted what Wordle is, how to use it, and some other basics related to Wordle in our past posts, which you check out. Even with these instructions in hand, you may find it hard to guess the correct 5 letter word in the 6 possibilities available in the game.

Best Wordle Tips And Tricks To Win

Today, we’ll look at a few pointers to help you better plan your efforts and get to the perfect term in the shortest amount of time.

For those who are new to the area, here’s a quick rundown.

Every day, you can play Wordle, an online word game. It’s easy to complete, fun to do, and you only need to do it once a day, like a crossword puzzle.

Every 24 hours, a new word of the day is issued, and it’s up to you to figure out what it is. The following guidelines can be found on the website:

Wordle chooses a five-letter word at random and gives participants six chances to guess it. When you place the correct letter in the correct area, it becomes green, as shown above.

When a formal letter is typed incorrectly, it turns yellow. A grey letter appears when it has nothing to do with the phrase.

A total of six words can be entered, implying that five-burner words can teach you about the letters and their places. Those hints will only be available once. You can also compete against the clock by attempting to predict the word of the day in three, two, or even one attempt.

It’s all really simple, yet it’s also quite appealing.

How To Play Wordle

  1. Click this link
  2. You have six chances to predict today’s five-letter Wordle.
  3. On the Wordle keyboard, type in your guess and submit it by pressing the “enter” key.
  4. After you enter your word, the colour of the tiles will change. A yellow tile indicates that you chose the correct letter but placed it in the incorrect location. The green tile signifies that you selected the correct letter and put it in the correct location. The grey tile shows that the letter you selected is not at all present in the word.
  5. Keep going until you’ve solved the Wordle or you’ve maxed your guesses. Best of luck!

Tips And Tricks

Wordle’s Best Starter Words

If you’ve ever watched Wheel of Fortune, you’ll know that it’s only natural, to begin with guessing letters that frequently appear in the English language.

Peter Norvig, Google’s director of research, reviewed all of the data available from Google Books to compile a list of the most regularly used letters in English. The most regularly utilized letters, according to his analysis, are E, T, and A. Here are the top 10, in no particular order:

E , T , A , O , I , N , S , R , H , L

Mathematically, The Best Wordle Starting Word

As a result, it comes to reason that you’d want to pick a Wordle start word that has as many of the most common letters as possible while avoiding any repetitions.

Crvlwanek, a TikTok user, utilized his computer science knowledge (and, apparently, a lot of free time) to create an algorithm that spits out the best Wordle start words based on all previous puzzles answers. These are the words:



Consider words like RESIN or NOTES, which use five of the most regularly used letters without repeating, for further Wordle start word alternatives.

What Are Some Examples Of 5-Letter Words With A Lot Of Vowels?

Use five-letter words with three or more vowels (and “Y”) as your starting word for a fun Wordle game. The following five-letter words have a lot of vowels, but none of them is repeated.









































Make Use Of Common Letters

Some letters in the English alphabet are more commonly used than others. Anyone who has played Scrabble knows that the letters “Z” and “Q” are far more uncommon than the letters “I” and “S.”

The letters h, t, a, I o, n, s, e, and are the most common in the English language.

T, a, o, d, and w are the most common letters at the start of an English word.

The letters e, s, d, and t are the most common letters at the conclusion of an English word.

Play Text-Heavy Video Games Or Read Some Books

Reading is the most reliable method for improving your rusty vocabulary. The more you read, No matter what the niche is, your vocabulary will improve.

The arsenal you bring to this game is your vocabulary. You’ll do better if you know more words. While you will receive clues in the form of green, yellow, and grey letters, figuring out the solution will require an understanding of the English language.

Reading novels, as well as playing text-heavy games like Skyrim, Divinity: Original Sin, and a variety of other RPGs, can help you improve your vocabulary.

Every Day, Play Wordle

Simply play Wordle every day while using everything else on this list. A Wordle a Day, as they say, keeps the boredom at bay? It’s beneficial to your brain and, if I may be so bold, beneficial to all of us in other, more profound ways.

It’s all about communicating in word games. We improve our problem-solving skills, vocabulary, and ability to interact with one another (hopefully).

I believe the world could use a lot more empathy and better communication after the last few years. We already spend too much time doubting one another’s motives, viewing one another as enemies, and distorting one another’s statements to suit a political or cultural agenda.

Language, on the other hand, is a unifying factor. Although language can be used for evil, I believe that, despite my bias, language is primarily a force for good.

So, every day, use your head and let the process infect your heart a little. It may only be a game, but what’s more fun than playing games?

There you have it. These are some tips and tricks you can follow on your next wordle attempt to improve your winning chance,

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