When you logged into Twitter or Reddit, did you see everyone tweeting about something called Wordle, and are you wondering what the heck is this Wordle? That’s why we are here to help you with those wordle tweets. So what are you waiting for? Keep reading.

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Just A Brief Recap For Newcomers ( skip this part if you are not a newcomer)

Josh Wardle, a software developer from the United States, created Wordle, a web browser game.

It’s a daily word guessing game that provides players six chances to guess the daily five-letter word. With each guess, you’re given indications that inform you if the letters you’ve chosen appear in the word.

A letter is gray if it does not appear in a word, orange/yellow if it does appear in that word but in a different location, and green if it appears in the daily word in that position.

Wordle allows you to share your score with others once your six guesses are up. This is the series of colored blocks that everyone is talking about in chat rooms and on social media – they symbolize each guess and whether the letters were appropriately placed.

Of course, the letters themselves aren’t included in the findings. The results are merely color-coded blocks because everyone receives the same daily word.

This provides you with bragging rights without revealing the day’s word to the rest of the world.

So let’s get into the real content of why you clicked this post. There is no specific order for these tweets or posts, so don’t hesitate to start any place.

The Tiles Are Attacking

MissHolloway, a Reddit user, created a Star Wars: Attack of the Clones theme based on the famed scene in which Anakin and Padme discuss politics. “Naboo” is unlikely to appear in Wordle’s word bank, but Star Wars fans can only hope that when it is predicted, it will display five green tiles.

Wordle’s daily challenge can contain repeated letters, and everyone remembers that time. Some participants were fortunate enough to find out before they began playing the game, but others were not so fortunate.

My husband sent me this after he solved on his 2nd guess and I was having a breakdown on guess 5 from wordle

Shame On You!

Only a few people will be able to regularly get the correct answer on the first or second try at this point. Even a third-place finish is usually considered an excellent result. However, the score continues to deteriorate after the fourth row.

The desire to dismiss the browser and try again, as suggested by Digital Mom Blog, to appear as the friend group’s genius, is always present. However, that individual will always be aware of how much effort it took them.

It’s Been Much Too Long

It’s never enjoyable to be late to a party, especially when it’s all everyone is talking about and tweeting about. Only a few people, notably Twitter user @PogoNR, managed to stay away from the Wordle frenzy.

These people can now relate to Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt) from Parks and Recreation when he says he has no idea who Al Gore is. Although the photo used here isn’t from that precise scene, any Parks and Recreation viewer will remember Pratt’s flawless delivery and understand why it was a terrific choice of image.

A Serious Error

There’s no denying that having a daily challenge that everyone can work on at the same time is a simple yet enjoyable concept; however, if the excitement to begin the new word as soon as the clock strikes midnight isn’t managed, the next 24 hours will be like the meme below, posted by Twitter user @democritus.

The advantage of completing the Wordle early in the day is that players can see their pals struggle and grumble at their phones as they try to identify the word when it’s right in front of them

Cannot Happen

Fans will recall one of Joey’s funniest Friends moments, when he discovered Ross was the father of Rachel’s baby. Twitter user @MMDesignsUK has masterfully repurposed this moment and adapted it to Wordle.

It’s difficult to get a full row of grey letters on the first try, but achieving the second row of grey letters in a row is devastating. Anyone who has viewed the video above can understand Joey’s feelings.

When You Just Don’t Know What To Do

The footage below will be familiar to Dumb and Dumber fans. Even Wordle gamers who haven’t seen the film can view the trailer and see themselves in Lloyd Christmas, one of Jim Carrey’s best roles.

Nothing makes players feel as stupid as not being able to come up with simple five-letter words. When there are no cues, starting a new line from scratch is deceptively tough. However, if players have three of the letters and try to spell it out without understanding it, they will become Lloyd Christmas

Problems In Your Relationship

The problem always arises if the game or app is addictive, couples can grow competitive, and people can become enraged if they don’t succeed in achieving the Wordle, but their partner does.

By uploading this meme, Reddit user InSigo may have saved a lot of relationships. Many men and women around the world, perhaps, will now understand why their spouses have become more distant recently.

Who else is going through this in their life? from wordle

Is There A Sequel To Wordle?

There are few things more aggravating than guessing another five-letter phrase that precisely matches the criteria only to be confronted with yet another grey, green, and yellow row. @muktipradhan, a Twitter user, drew inspiration from one of Tetris Effect’s most difficult levels to mock the game’s colorful tile combinations.

With Wordle’s meteoric increase in popularity in recent weeks, it’s not unreasonable to believe that a more advanced version of the game is on the way. Only time will tell if the developer decides to go for a Tetris-inspired color scheme.

There you have it. I hope you enjoyed the posts that I shared with you. Until the next post, stay tuned.

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